Nurse Seekers is a breath of fresh air in today’s recruitment minefield, as we do not charge the exorbitant placement fees charged by the majority of agencies. What makes us different is we’re the people who market jobs over the telephone and specialise in solely dealing with candidates in your industry.


A full job description of your vacancy together with a full company profile, are taken. This information is then passed to our copy writing department who will then write a short, professional vacancy copy, to reflect all the key points of your vacancy.

We then market your vacancy using 4 main methods.

We utilise various electronic advertising media such as over 120 internet job boards, some industry recognised, and some generic, together with e-shot, mail-shot, social networking, text messaging and internet advertising on our own fully interactive website.

We operate a system called applicant networking where we utilise our database of existing applicants to either select candidates for you or to seek referrals of people who would be suitable to fulfil your requirement.

We employ search and selection techniques in order to source the ideal candidate for you by discussing your vacancy with suitable candidates in your area. This is particularly successful as we get to speak with candidates who are not on the open job market.

When necessary, we advertise our service extensively throughout traditional press advertising. We utilise main local newspapers, regional and free press, together with various industry trade journals.

Potential applicants call and are connected to an experienced service consultant who will market, in depth, your vacancy with them. There are two reasons why we operate in such a way.

Firstly, the spoken word is much more powerful than the written. We are therefore able to make your job sound more interesting and exciting than it would in a just another Internet or black and white newspaper advertisement.

Secondly, we have the ability to tailor your job to each candidate, after all what is important to one candidate is not important to the next, and visa versa.

Our 24-hour service department then saves you time by only sending candidates through to you if they fit the profile you have given us, in terms of background, qualifications, experience, etc. Therefore the people you receive from Nurse Seekers are the people you will want to interview.

During the entire process your Nurse Seekers Consultant will be in regular contact we you to advise on pending responses, arrange interviews, chase application forms, chase references, making the whole recruitment campaign process stress free.

The Nurse Seekers service has a finite cost which means there are never any further fees or commissions to pay regardless of the number of candidates recruited for a particular position. This allows our clients to budget for an effective recruitment campaign over a period based on a fixed campaign charge.


What makes our service totally comprehensive is our confidence in its success. That’s why we offer a guarantee, that if you do not recruit through our service, we will re-run a further campaign completely free of charge. This means there’s minimal risk on your part, just the promise of creating recruitment activity at a cost that won’t break the bank.